Art Express

On Friday February 26th the Year 11 & 10 Visual Arts Students visited the Art Gallery of NSW along with teachers Miss Mari, Mrs Jones and Mrs Brunton. Whilst in the gallery, the students looked at Art Express to roughly gather ideas on the Body of Works and how previous students completed their Body of Works. We looked at our desired medium and how previous students had interpreted them in order to achieve their end results. As we look closely at their Visual Arts Process Diary, we’re able to notice the progress, interpretation, experimentations, ideas, inspirations and techniques of each student, and identify the process they followed in creating their Body of Work.

Whilst walking around the gallery we were able to see a variety of artworks both old and new that also tell us about the time and place they were created. We’re able to notice many details of these works that make them the masterpieces we have today. Each of us were able to identify the progression of art history and techniques through the many artworks 

The visit to the Art Gallery of NSW was a great experience and allowed us to gather ideas and thoughts that will help us for HSC.